Dr Ying Chen

Rolls-Royce Research Fellow

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I obtained a PhD in materials from University of Manchester in 2015 and then worked as a postdoctoral research associate in the same place from 2015 to 2018.  My research during my PhD and postdoc dealt with thermal barrier coatings used in gas-turbine engines to protect the structural components against environmental attack. In 2018, I left University of Manchester and joined OxMet technologies in Oxford as an alloy development engineer, working on additive manufacture of Ni-based superalloys and design of Ni-based superalloys using computational modelling. In 2019, I returned to University of Manchester as a Rolls-Royce research fellow. My research focuses on understanding the failure mechanisms of protective coatings for high temperature applications and the relationship between composition, processing and properties of the coatings using advanced analytical tools and computational modelling.

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  • High Temperature Materials, Coatings

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