Prof Yenkong Ngangjoh Hodu

Professor of International Economic Law

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Head of the University of Manchester Law School
Professor of International Economic Law

Yenkong is a Professor of International Economic Law and Head of the University of Manchester Law School. Before coming to Manchester, he was a senior researcher and a programme coordinator on Global Trade and Regional Integration at the Nordic Africa Institute (NAI) in Uppsala-Sweden. As a programme coordinator at NAI, he conducted research and undertook teaching on International Economic law, the Law of Regional Trade and Investment Agreements with the focus on developing countries’ issues of concern to trade officials, graduates and postgraduate students in African and Nordic Universities. Yenkong was instrumental in drafting the trade portion of the 2007-2008 Swedish Africa Strategy paper. He also provided consultancy services upon request to African governments seeking to enter into RTAs with other WTO Members and to related stakeholders on Sino-African trade and investment relations. He is regularly consulted by many governments, regional organisations and United Nations Agencies on international trade and investment law. As a consensus builder, he has advised many governments on how to progress with the negotiations of the current WTO Doha Trade Rounds. Yenkong is a member of many influential academic and professional organisations.

His areas of interests primarily include the law and economics of the world trading system, Public International Law, international development law, the development aspects of regional integration, Arbitration and Investment Law, SINO – African trade and African trade relations with the EU, and the US. He has published broadly on international trade law especially in the area of dispute resolution. Prior to joining NAI, Yenkong was a part-time lecturer and senior researcher in International Economic Law at the University of Helsinki. He is a visiting faculty member to universities in Europe and Africa. He has also been a visiting Professor to many Chinese Academic Institutions, i.e. Wuhan University Law School, Fudan University Law School, University of Peking etc. Yenkong is a Barrister and Solicitor and is called to the Supreme Court of Cameroon. He is a member of numerous professional and academics organizations. He is a member of the International Law Association (Committee on International Trade Law), Max Planck Institute for comparative Public Law and International Law’s Research Group, European Law and Economics Association (ELEA) etc. In 2007, he helped in establishing the Europe-Africa Policy Research network which is is a Member.

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Yenkong would be available for media queries in areas of his research interest.

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