Mr Xiaohu Qiao

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Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)
Certification Date: Oct 2017 – Present 
License 147092
Certification authority: APICS
Certification Supply Chain Fundamentals
Title: Supply Chain Fundamentals
Certification Date: Sep 2017 – Present 
License 0b4f2516576e49a2a6a32ecc84c825a1
Certification authority: MITx on edX
Certification Cost Price Analysis in Purchasing
Title: Cost Price Analysis in Purchasing
Certification Date: Mar 2017 – Present
Certification authority: Global SCM
Certification International Negotiations
Title: International Negotiations
Certification Date: Feb 2017 – Present
Certification authority: Alliance Manchester Business School
Certification Supply Chain Analytics
Title: Supply Chain Analytics
Certification Date: Mar 2017 – Jul 2017 
License 1852a62cbbe5474793db62d9a5d164ad
Certification authority: MITx on edX
M&As and Corporate Strategy Programme
License CVTrust-4201791294
Certification authority: INSEAD

Areas of expertise


  • Make or Buy, M&A, Acquisition Capability

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2017 - Master of Business Administration, Global MBA (2012 - 2015)