Dr Wei Liu MB, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Cardiovascular Sci

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Diabetes is the world's fastest growing disease, creating a tremendous health care and financial burden. Even without hypertension and coronary diseases, obese and diabetes mellitus can directly damage heart structure and function, termed metabolic cardiomyopathy. Fatty acid and glucose are two main ‘fuel’ to support heart beating. Normal balance of their usage is maintained in healthy heart. However, the balance is impaired in metabolic cardiomyopathy, which increases the risk of heart failure. The molecular basis and treatment for metabolic cardiomyopathy are largely unknown. My lab will investigate the novel mechanism of cardiac metabolism maintenance in disease conditions, which supports to discover novel therapeutic.

BHF Research Fellow

FBMH Senior Research Fellow

Programme Deputy Director - MRes Cardiovascular Health & Disease


I am currently a British Heart Foundation (BHF) Intermediate Research Fellow. After I obtained my first degree in Medicine (2003) at Beijing University in China, curiosity on basic sciences research drove me to pursue PhD (2007) at Faculty of Life Sciences, the University of Manchester. Afterwards, I began my postdoctoral training to investigate the cell signalling regulatory mechanisms in cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure. In 2015, I was awarded British Heart Foundation (BHF) Intermediate Fellowship, and promoted to be a Senior Research Fellow in FBMH in 2020. My research is focusing on the understanding of novel mechanisms and treatment strategies for metabolic disorders induced cardiovascular diseases.


PhD 2007 Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester

Bachelor 2003 Medical School, Beijing University

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2007 - Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Manchester
  • 2003 - Doctor of Medicine, clinical medicine, Beijing University (Peking University)

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