Dr Vidyadhar Peesapati

Knowledge Transfer Research Fellow

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My present expertise and interests are in the field of high voltage and electrical power engineering and its involvement in future energy issues. The increase in EV and PV penetration in cities will have an impact on ageing electrical networks and its reliability. My research work involves asset management and condition monitoring of ageing electrical assets, to increase reliability and resilience on future energy networks. My area of specialisation lies in high voltage testing (standard and non-standard) and 3D FEA simulations, to understand ageing, life extension and reliability of electrical network assets. I have extensive experience in planning, framing and delivering network innovation projects for a wide range of distribution and transmission companies.

I am also interested in inter disciplinary research/work and development, such as material enhancement for improved electrical performances in electrical insulation and new technologies thus combining the knowledge of material sciences and electrical power engineering.

My current role is to respond to real-world industry problems, and provide rapid support and solutions using ‘non–routine’ high voltage testing, simulations and consulting that leverage my expertise and research facilities available within the University. 


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