Dr Tracy BriggsBSc., MBChB., MRCPCH, PhD

Clinical Senior Lecturer

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I am Senior Lecturer at The University of Manchester and Honorary Consultant at The Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine.



I completed my Wellcome Trust Clinical Fellowship in the laboratory of Professor Yanick Crow in June 2012. My research focused on the rare Mendelian disorder Spondyloenchondrodysplasia (SPENCD). This immuno-osseous dysplasia is a Mendelian form of lupus. Following identification of the causative gene, ACP5, I conducted functional work to determine the role of the encoded protein Tartrate Resistant Acid Phosphatase (TRAP). I spent 5 months of my fellowship at The University of Washington, in the laboratory of Professor Elkon focusing on the autoimmune aspect of SPENCD. Four months of this placement was funded by the Biomedical Research Council. I also sat and passed a module of The University of Manchester Masters in Immunology. During my fellowship I was awarded Postgraduate Student of the Year and the Alan Emery Genetics prize. This research continued for a further 2 years through a collobrative grant between The University of Manchester and The University of Washington. The two year grant was funded by the Alliance for Lupus research.. 

NIHR Clinical Lecturer

I subsequently undertook an NIHR Clinical Lecturer position at the University of Manchester with a Clinical Contract at The Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine. During this time, I  continued my research into Mendelain forms of lupus and autoimmune disease. I am also studied in Mendelain forms of autoinflammatory and immundeficiency.

NIHR Transitional Research Fellow (TRF)

From November 2016-2018, I completed a two year NIHR TRF Fellowship (whist a Senior Lecturer at The University of Manchester and Honorary Consultant at The Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine). I undertook training in Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Trials and continued my research into autoinflammatory genetic disorders driven by type I interferons. 

Senior Clinical Lecturer at The University of Manchester

From Nov 2018 I have held a split clinical and academic post. My research focus continues to be clinical, translational and research studies of autoinflammatory genetic disorders, particularly those driven by type I interferons. I also work on disorders associated with primary immunodeficiency. My clincial work as an Honorary Consultant at The Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine, Manchester involves both immunogenetics and developemental genetics.


I qualified in Medicine in 2003, from The University of Liverpool. I obtained my MRCPCH in 2006 and then started my Clinical Genetics training in Leeds. In 2008, I obtained a Wellcome Trust Clinical Training Fellowship and I obtained my PhD in 2012, at Manchester University. I obtained my CCT in Genetic Medicine in August 2016 and at this time was also awarded a two year NIHR Transitional Fellowship, Senior Clinical Lectureship at The University of Manchester and Honorary Consultant in Genomic Medicine at St Mary's Hospital, Manchester. After my fellowship, on receipt of the Emerging Leaders in Lupus Prize (second prize) from the Medical Research Foundation I continued my work as a Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Genomic Medicine.

Social responsibility

I thoroughly enjoy engaging with the public and do so regarding genetics, my research and to promote the role of women in science. I provide regular genetics education sessions at a local Manchester primary school and have given interactive teaching to two troops of Beaver scouts. I conducted a live radio interview promoting women in science on BBC Radio, gave an interview to UNESCO about my work and I have written several pieces for the media and scientific journals regarding my research and women in science. 


BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy




Certificate in Medical Genetics

Postgraduate certificate in Medical Leadership  

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Postgraduate certificate in Clinical Trials (Dist)  

Certificate in Human Pharmacology 

Memberships of committees and professional bodies

British Society of Human Genetics

Skeletal Dysplasia Group

Medical Womens Federation

Neurogenetics Group


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