Dr Tomas Diviak

Presidential Fellow (Academic)

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I am currently a Presidential Fellow at the Department of Criminology and I am also a member of the Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis. I obtained my Ph.D. in sociology at Charles University (Czechia) and University of Groningen (Netherlands) with a thesis called Criminal networks: actors, mechanisms, and structures. Criminal networks are also my main area of interest, but I am also interested in social network analysis in general, in terms of its methodology and various applications including public health, political networks, or historical networks. My work has been published in various journals such as Social Networks; Crime, Law & Social Change; Global Crime; Social Movements Studies; or Trends in Organized Crime. I am also one of the founders of informal association of network researchers in the Czech Republic called Czech Network for Social Network Analysis, within which I regularly host workshops and conferences.

Besides sociology, criminology, and network analysis (and science in general), I enjoy reading science fiction & fantasy books, lifting heavy weights, listening to heavy metal music, taking long walks, and playing various card games.

For more information, please visit my personal website: http://tomasdiviak.com/

Areas of expertise

  • HM Sociology - Analytical Sociology, Social Network Analysis, Criminology
  • HA Statistics - Statistical Methods, Statistical Analysis of Social Networks

Research Networks and Beacons

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