Dr Tino Oudesluijs

Research Associate

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I am interested in how linguistic behaviour changes over time, both on a micro and macro level, in a variety of registers. More specifically, I work in English historical sociolinguistics, and as such consider how English as a written language has changed over time in different text types. I am particularly interested in how this relates to standardisation practices.


Academic training:

After obtaining the necessary skills in both English and Celtic historical linguistics and literature during my Bachelor, I obtained my Research Master’s degree in medieval studies (with a focus on English historical linguistics and manuscript studies) from the University of Utrecht in 2012. I wrote my MA dissertation, entitled 'Britons in Anglo-Saxon Legal Documents', under the supervision of Prof. Anita Auer, who subsequently also supervised my PhD thesis, entitled 'Language Variation and Change in Late Medieval and Early Modern Coventry', as part of the project 'Emerging Standards: Urbanisation and the Development of Standard English (c. 1400-1700)'. This project, which combines English historical linguistics with socio-economic history, aims at illuminating the complex processes involved in the emergence and development of the Standard English language by investigating the urban vernaculars of Bristol, Norwich, Coventry and York during the period 1400–1700.


Academic experience:

Over the course of my studies, I have also worked as:


Areas of expertise

  • P Philology. Linguistics - historical sociolinguisics, Sociolinguistics, Manuscript Studies, Medieval Studies
  • PE English - Middle English, Early Medieval England, Late Modern English

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