Prof Timothy Abram BSc, PhD

Professor of Nuclear Fuel Technology

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Tim Abram has held the Westinghouse Chair in Nuclear Fuel Technology at the University of Manchester since 2008. Prior to this he gained over 20 years research experience in nuclear fuels and advanced reactors technology in the UK (BNFL, NNL) and USA (Westinghouse). His experience covers the design and analysis of all major reactor types and their associated fuels, including MOX, ATF, and TRISO. He has participated in over 15 EU Framework projects and is the UK's representative on the IAEA Technical Working Group on Gas-Cooled Reactors. He co-authored the first Gen-IV Roadmap for Fuels and Materials, was Chair of the VHTR Fuel Cycle Board, and is currently the UK’s representative on the VHTR SSC. At NNL, Prof. Abram is the Visiting Senior Research Fellow for Fuels and Reactor Systems. He has been an External Examiner for the Royal Navy’s nuclear engineering programmes, and for the University of Cambridge MPhil in Nuclear Engineering. He was a member of the UK Government’s Nuclear Innovation and Research Advisory Board from 2014-20, serves on the UK Nuclear Regulator’s Independent Advisory Committee, and is the Director of the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre for Nuclear Science and Engineering. He led the original U-Battery HTGR development project at Manchester in 2009 and has worked on the project since then, currently as Head of Engineering and Design Authority.

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