Dr Thibaut Serviant-Fine

Research Associate

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I am a research associate at CHSTM in Rob Kirk’s  “Managing Multispecies Medicine” project.
I graduated in pharmacy and history of science in 2011 at the University Claude Bernard in Lyon, France, then continued with a PhD in history of science, defended in 2016. Entitled “A rational approach to chemotherapy: history of antimetabolites (1935-1955)”, it explored the development of a novel path to drug discovery that was thought to offer a way of rationally designing specific drugs, as opposed to so-called traditional chance discoveries. At CHSTM, my research will be focused on the history of medicinal leeches, from the introduction of their artificial breeding in the 19th century as a means of supplying medical trade and bypassing ecological extinction, to their shifting regulatory status between a drug and a technological device in recent medicine, while assessing the ups and downs of their use from the early to mid-19th century leech frenzy and throughout the 20th century. Finally, I aim to expand some of my PhD research into a broader project on the history of microbiology and biochemistry in the first part of the 20th century, exploring how a focus on nutrition and metabolism can offer new insights and narratives for the history of biology.