Dr Teresa Tropea

Research Associate

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I am a vascular physiologist at the Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre. Since my doctoral studies, my main research interests have focused on maternal vascular signalling throughout gestation and on the role of materno-placental interactions in determining fetal outcomes, in both human and animal models. As a post-doc, I studied the effects of dietary nitrate and polyphenols and, more recently, of antihypertensive therapies in high-risk pregnancies. I am interested in developing novel technologies (on-Chip model) for toxicology testing in pregnancy and understand the effects of maternal drug prescription on fetal health. My research goal is to contribute to improve both maternal and fetal health.


BSc (cum laude) Biological Sciences, University of Calabria, 2007-2010

MSc (cum laude) Biology, University of Calabria, 2010-2012

PhD, Life Sciences, University of Calabria, 2012-2015

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The Physiological Society 

European Placenta Group

Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network


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