Miss Tengku Nurfarhana Tengku Aziz


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I am a biotechnologist with major from plant biotechnology, but I have diverse interests in biotechnology industry and research fields, such as biotechnology and entrepreneurship, intellectual properties, business management and planning, genomics, molecular biology and plant biotechnology researches. This interdisciplinary aspects of my interests suits my career objectives and abilities well.

My current PhD work entitled "Analyses of gene maintenance mechanisms in chloroplasts for applications in biotechnology", which covers the area of chloroplast biotechnology, genetic engineering and molecular biology. By using tobacco plants as our genetic model, this project is currently studying the role of key proteins involved in maintaining foreign genes in chloroplast DNA. My research project also looking at the impacts of altering the level of proteins which involve in the chloroplast DNA maintenance of plants. The findings from these studies will be useful on how we can create genetically modified crops which are environmentally friendly, safer for animals and human consumption and meeting the authority safety standards. The procedures required for the project are well established in the University of Manchester and should be lead to rapid progress.

Other than conducting PhD research works, I also undertook several enterprise-related modules, such as Commercialisation in the Life Sciences (BIOL60760) and Intellectual Property in the Life Sciences (BIOL60780). These modules were intended for training in business-related skills to facilitate the translation of biotechnology research to commercial applications.

Areas of expertise

  • QK Botany - chloroplast biotechnology, chloroplast biology, plant biotechnology, Plant Sciences, plant protein expression, Agroinfection
  • QR180 Immunology - Pathogenesis
  • SB Plant culture - Plant tissue culture & regeneration

Biology, Medicine and Health (BMH) Domains


  • Chloroplast biotechnology, Plastid biology, Plant Sciences

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2013 - Bachelor of Science, Plant Biotechnology, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (2010 - 2013)