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Qualifications                    BA (Delhi) MA (JNU) MPhil DPhil (Oxford)

Present position                Professor of Medical Sociology, School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester (2010 onwards)


Tarani Chandola is a Professor of Medical Sociology at the University of Manchester. His research is primarily on the social determinants of health, focusing on health inequalities and psychosocial factors, and the analysis of longitudinal cohort studies. Much of his research is on the social determinants of health with a focus on stress at work, and its psychophysiological effects on health.  He is a research leader on the topic of work and health, with two of his papers in the top 10 most cited studies on the topic of work stress. His h-index of 53 (Google Scholar, October 2018) and 44 (Scopus, October 2018) was achieved within 20 years of his DPhil from over 120 peer reviewed papers in peer reviewed journals. His research expertise spans different disciplines- population and public health, epidemiology, social statistics and sociology- and different methodological approaches. He has had leadership and advisory roles within international research organisations, government departments and academic bodies.


Tarani was the head of the Department of Social Statistics (2012-2014) at the University of Manchester and the director of the Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research (2014-2016). He is currently a co-director of two Economic and Social Research Council funded centres: the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM: and the International Centre for Lifecourse Studies in Society and Health (ICLS: He also co-directs the SOC-B: the Social-Biological Centre for Biosocial Research, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. He is a fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and is a member of the Economic and Social Research Council's Strategic Advisory Network.



Oct 1994–Nov 1998           DPhil (Sociology), Nuffield College, University of Oxford.

Oct 1992-Sep 1994            MPhil (Sociology), Jesus College, University of Oxford.

Aug 1990-Aug 1992           MA 1st (Sociology), Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

July 1987-July 1990            BA 2:1(History), St. Stephens College, Delhi University.


Awards & Recognition

2019                                  Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

2016-2017                          Visiting Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Helsinki

2015-2016                          Visiting Professor, Public Health Foundation of India

2015-2018                          Honorary Research Fellow, University of Liverpool

2010 onwards                    Honorary Professor, University College London

1998-2001                          Prize Research Fellowship, Nuffield College.

1992-1995                          Felix Scholarship, University of Oxford                     


Previous Positions                         

Feb 2001-Apr 2010            Senior Research Fellow-Senior Lecturer, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College London.

Oct 1998- Jan 2001            Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Nuffield College, Oxford.

April 1996-Sep 1998          Research Assistant, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, University of Oxford.


Leadership/Managerial Roles        

2018 onwards                    Postgraduate research director: Department of Social Statistics, University of Manchester

2018 onwards                    Research director: Department of Social Statistics, University of Manchester

2017 onwards                    Co-director, SOC-B (Social-Biological) Centre for Doctoral Training

2016 onwards                    Co-director, Health and Work Network, University of Manchester, 

2015 onwards                    Co-director, Research Directorate, the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM),

2014 onwards                    Co-director, International Centre for Lifecourse Studies in Society & Health (ICLS),  

2014-2016                          Director of Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research, University of Manchester

2012-2014                          Head of Department of Social Statistics, University of Manchester

2010-2014                          Co-director, methods@manchester, University of Manchester                                          

Scientific and Advisory Committees            

2019 onwards                    Member of the Strategic Advisory Network, Economic and Social Research Council

2019 onwards                    Management Board member, Institute for Health Policy and Organisation

2018 onwards                    Member of academic panel steering group on ‘Developing Undergraduate curriculum resources on health and work’, Public Health England

2017 onwards                    Advisory board member the Joint “Work and Health Unit” between the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), programme on “work as a health outcome”.

2016 onwards                    Member of the advisory board, Public Health England, Health and Work theme

2016-17                              Chair of the local organisation committee, Society for Social Medicine annual conference Manchester 2017

2015 onwards                    Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board Committee for the ESRC Research Centre on Micro-social Change (MISOC) at ISER, University of Essex

2013-2014                          Steering group member, “Behaviours group”, University of Manchester

2013 onwards                    Steering group member, artsmethods@manchester, University of Manchester

2012 onwards                    Steering group member, University of Manchester Staff Survey

2011 onwards                    Management board member, Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing, University of Manchester

2010-2014                          Meetings secretary: the Social Statistics Committee, Royal Statistical Society.

2007-2010                          Meetings secretary: International Institute for Society & Health


Grant peer review             Evaluation panel chair/member

2019                                   Panell member: Norwegian Research Council. Public Health stream

2014-2018                          Chair: National Centre for Research Methods International Visitor Exchange Scheme

2017                                   Panel member: RAND Europe. Identifying and reviewing employer-led actions on employee health and wellbeing.

2014-2017                          Panel member: Institut National du Cancer (INCA): “Research in Social and Human Sciences, Epidemiology and Public Health”

2015-2016                          Panel member: Academy of Finland, Health Research Council (2015-16) and the Strategic Research Council (2016)

2016                                   Vice-chair: Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) More Years, Better Lives

2014-15                              Panel member: ESRC Advanced Quantitative Methods (AQM) Assurance Checking process

2010                                   Panel member: ESRC/MRC, Interdisciplinary Fellowship and Studentship competition 2010

                                           Peer reviewer

2018                                   L'Agence nationale de la recherché: “Public Health” Committee 

2015-2018                          Medical Research Council (MRC)

2016                                   Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

2016                                   Nuffield Foundation


Journal Editor    

2018 onwards                    Sociology (co-editor)

2002-08                              Ethnicity & Health (associate editor)

Ad hoc reviewer               

BMC Public Health, British Medical Journal, BMJ Open, Ethnicity & Health, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, Journal of Health & Social Behavior, Health & Place, International Journal of Epidemiology, International Journal of Obesity, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A, London Review of Education, Occupation and Environmental Medicine, Plos One, Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, Social Science and Medicine, Sociology of Health & Illness

Conference abstract reviewer

                                           Society for Social Medicine annual meeting Manchester 2017, Farr Institute conference Edinburgh 2015

Academic promotions expert reviewer

                                           Australian National University, King’s College London, University College London, University of Melbourne, University of Southampton


Professorial appointments committee

                                           London School of Economics, Department of Methodology

Funded Projects                Principal Applicant (£1.9m career PI total)

2016                                   Chandola T. Health, Wellbeing and Work: Workshop and New research findings. Public Health England, £5k.           

2014-2015                          Chandola T, Agius R, Jones R, Sacker A, Bambra C, Sutherland S, Lake A. Interdisciplinary approaches to work, health and well-being research: expanding the field. Public Health England, £10k.     

2013-2018                          Chandola T, Brown M, Carter J, Ford R, Edwards G, Uebel T, Obeid M, Medina J, Williams L, Shleef E Manchester Quantitative Methods Centre  Nuffield Foundation, HEFCE, ESRC £1.4m

2011-2012                          Chandola T, Bartley M, Eliott J, Lynn P Innovative approaches to methodological challenges facing ageing cohort studies: ESRC NCRM Networks for Methodological Innovation £21k

2010-2014                          Chandola T, Nazroo N, Pendleton N Does later life employment improve health and well-being? ESRC-MRC Interdisciplinary 1+3 PhD studentship.  £77k

2010-2011                          Chandola T, Bassanesi S, Mikkileni S, Bandyopadhyay S. Urbanisation and Spatial and Social Inequalities in Health.ESRC RES-238-25-0015  £100k

2010-2010                          Chandola T.  Work and Stress. British Academy £10k

2008-2013                          Chandola T, Blane D, Morris JN, Plewis I. Causal pathways between education and health and social participation. ESRC. RES-596-28-0001 £245k. Component of scientific program of ESRC Research Centre International Centre for Life Course Studies in Society and Health.

2003-2004                          Chandola T, Clarke P, Morris JN, Blane, D, ESRC. RES-000-22-0290 £40k. Pathways between education and health: a causal modelling approach


Funded projects               Co-Applicant (£23.4m career Co-I total)

2018-2021                          Sacker A, Montgomery S, Chandola T, McMunn A, Bartholomew R, Cable N, Kelly Y.  International Centre for Lifecourse Studies in Society and Health: Transition Funding. ESRC. £437k

2018                                   Money A, van-Tongeren M, Chandola T, Franklin M. Identifying barriers to return to work for older adults in Manchester: a scoping study. MICRA seedcorn funding award.  £5k

2017-2021                          Sutton M, Bower P, Chandola T, Whittaker W, Sanders C, Wilson P, French D, Cotterill S, Reeves D, Fichera E, Kontopantelis E. Evaluating the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP). National Institute for Health Research.  £1.9m

2016-2017                          Zhang N, Chandola T. The socio-economic dynamics of urbanization in China: Inequalities, child health and development. ESRC Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Postdoctoral Fellowships Scheme. FEC: £120k

2015-2018                          Benezeval M, Kumari M, Clarke P, Chandola T, Jones A, Pudney S, Mitchell R How can biomarkers and genetics improve our understanding of society and health? ESRC £1.5m

2014-2019                          Sturgis P, Nind M, Durrant G, Martin D, Sindall K, Edwards R, Kilburn D, Smith P, Luff R, Elliot M, Chandola T, Shlomo N, Crow G, Gayle V, Macinnes J. National Centre for Research Methods- Hub, ESRC £6.25m

2013-2015                          Stansfeld S, Bhui K, Chandola T, Clark C, Kerry S, Russell J. GEM Study (Guided E-learning for Managers). National Institute for Health Research, £433.5k

2013-2018                          Sacker A, Montgomery S, Kelly Y, Chandola T, Neutevelli G International Centre for Life course Studies in Society and Health: Centre Mid-Term Review Proposal ESRC £3.7m

2012-2014                          Olsen W, Brown M, Plewis I, Chandola T, Carter J, Heaphy B Researcher Development and Curriculum Innovation proposal on teaching quantitative methods £100k

2011-2016                          Nazroo J, Burns A, Chandola T, Goodacre R,  Horan MA, Pendleton N, Tampubolon G, Wu F. Inequalities in later life frailty and wellbeing: an interdisciplinary approach to causality. Medical Research Council £2.2m

2011-2011                          Meng QJ, Chandola T, Payton A, Mann D, Horan M. Circadian clocks, aging, genes, sleep timing and cognition: implications for intervention. Manchester Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Research on Ageing £6k

2010-2012                          Marmot MG, Kivimaki M, Brunner E, Britton A, Chandola T, Head J, Singh-Manoux A, Ferrie J. Social Inequalities and age-related heterogeneity in chronic disease and functioning: the Whitehall II study. Medical Research Council (G0802093) £2m   

2009- 2011                         Watt R, Marmot M, Chandola T,  Newton T , Kawachi I, Sheiham A, Tsakos T National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research US$275k

Development and Testing of a Social Determinants Model of Oral Health

2009-2011                          Kivimaki M, Chandola T, Marmot M. BUPA Foundation £225k Socioeconomic adversity, stress and disease: Exploiting observational data to guide interventions

2009-2010                          Wolff J, Munoz Darde V, Richmond S, Morris S, Chandola T UCL Crucible £5k Fair Retirement Policies and Lifelong health.

2009                                   Stephen Morris S,  Atkinson S, Birch S, Chandola T, Dixon P, Jit M, Marmot M, Orr S, Raine R, Sutton M, Wildman J,  Wolff J. Department of Health £79k  Research on the health inequalities elements of the NHS resource allocation weighted capitation formula.

2008-2010                          Hammer M, Stamtakis E, Chandola T Medical Research Council £95k Physical activity behaviours and mortality risk amount South Asian communities living in England.

2004-2009                          Marmot MG, Brunner E, Britton A, Chandola T, Head J, Guralnik J, Singh-Manoux A. Medical Research Council £4.4m. Social Influences on Health: The Whitehall II Study.


Plenary/keynote talks at conferences

2018                                   What can the use of biomarkers in survey data tell us about the social sciences? ANU-NCRM Social-Biological Methods Festival, Sydney

2018                                   Work, Health and Inequality: Colt Foundation Keynote Lecture. Workplace Health, Leamington Spa

2015                                   What Does Research Tell About Wellbeing in the Workplace? Psychological Professions Network, Bolton

2011                                   Work and stress in post-recession Britain: Lane Lecture, Manchester.

2011                                   Work and stress in post-recession Britain. UK National Work-Stress Network, Birmingham

2010                                   Work and stress. British Academy, London

2010                                   Work stress, Socio-Economic Position and Ageing in the Whitehall II study, British Society for Research on Ageing, Manchester

2009                                   Does stress explain the socioeconomic gradient in coronary heart disease? Europrevent, Stockholm


Invited talks

2018                                   What are the wider social determinants of refugee health and well-being? Some methodological considerations in a longitudinal survey of refugees in the UK. National Centre for Research Methods workshop, Manchester

2018                                   The role of workplace accommodations in explaining the disability employment gap. Lane Lecture and Symposium, Manchester

2018                                   Cross-study research: Opportunities, challenges and examples. Cohort and Longitudinal Studies Enhancement workshop, Manchester

2018                                   Biosocial research: some challenges from a sociological perspective. UCL Research Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, London

2018                                   Who’s afraid of giving blood: Does accounting for missing blood data in social surveys make a difference? Research Methods Festival, Bath

2018                                   Work, health and stress: some observations. Work and Equalities Institute, Manchester

2018                                   The future of work and health research. Cumberland Lodge, Windsor.

2018                                   What are the wider social determinants of refugee health and well-being- some methodological considerations. Refugee Symposium, Brisbane.

2017                                   Work and Socio-economic differences in biomarkers of stress. Australia National University, Canberra

2017                                   What do we learn from international comparative studies in relation to understanding the social determinants of health?  World Congress of Epidemiology, Saitama

2016                                   Evidence into Action. Public Health England annual conference, Warwick

2016                                   No stress at the top? Retirement and socio-economic differences in biomarkers of stress. Department of Sociology, Oxford

2016                                   Is retirement associated with a reduction in adverse diurnal cortisol profiles?
Longitudinal evidence from the Whitehall II cohort study of civil servants. UCL-Turin workshop, London

2015                                   Stress at work- who gets it and what are the consequences? UCL/French Embassy workshop, London.

2015                                   Social inequalities, work stressors and diurnal cortisol profiles in later life. ISER, Colchester.

2015                                   Any job is better than no job? Some evidence of employment transitions and bio-markers of health. ISER, Colchester.

2015                                   The health effects of working past retirement age. Ageing Well in Work: Opportunities and Challenges - An International Perspective, Greater Manchester Public Health, Manchester

2015                                   Some methodological issues related to using Randomised Control Trial study designs in the workplace. Work Stress Network, Birmingham

2014                                   Increasing work stress among older workers is linked to incident coronary heart disease and diurnal cortisol profiles. Conference on socioeconomic determinants of health, Edinburgh.

2014                                   The scope of Adult and Further Education for reducing health inequalities. Minding the gap health inequalities conference, Leeds.

2014                                   Who wants to work forever? UCL Lunch Hour Lecture, London

2013                                   Spatial segregation and socioeconomic inequalities in health in Brazilian cities: combining spatial and social epidemiology. Radical Statistics, York.

2013                                   The scope of Adult and Further Education for reducing health inequalities. FUSE public health, Durham.

2013                                   Innovative approaches to methodological challenges facing ageing cohort studies. Wales Institute of Social & Economic Research, Cardiff.

2012                                   Biomarker indicators of workplace stress. National Institute of Economic and Social Research, London

2012                                   Measuring Education over the lifecourse. Morgan Centre, Manchester

2012                                   Work, Stress and the Social Determinants of Health. Workplace Health, Birmingham

2012                                   The health effects of later-life employment. ICLS quinquennium. Windsor.

2012                                   Income inequality, socioeconomic segregation and premature mortality in Brazil. The Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing, Manchester

2012                                   Spatial segregation and socioeconomic inequalities in health in major Brazilian cities. Department of Public Health, York

2012                                   Work, Stress and the Social Determinants of Health, Workplace Health, Birmingham

2010                                   The effects of sleep duration and sleep disturbance on ageing. The Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing, Manchester

2010                                   Urbanisation and spatial inequalities in health in Brazil and India. Research Methods Festival, Oxford

2009                                   Do social inequalities in health increase after retirement age? Nuffield College, Oxford

2009                                   Do inequalities in health increase at older ages? Longitudinal and Lifecourse Research, Turin

2008                                   Work Stress and Health: Current Research and Policy Implications, Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin.

2008                                   Employment Grade, Work Stress and Mental Health in the Whitehall II study, Institute of Psychiatry, London

2007                                   Stress and metabolic syndrome: evidence from the Whitehall II study. European Nutrition Conference, Paris

2006                                   Work stress and cardiovascular disease, Barts and the London school of medicine and dentistry, London

2006                                   Social and Psychosocial Determinants of Health Inequalities. Institute for Employment Research, Warwick

2005                                   Statistical implications for modeling  psychobiological pathways, Four Centres Initiative, Zurich

2005                                   Chronic work stress and the metabolic syndrome, Four Centres Initiative, Paris

2004                                   Reliability and Validity of a Measure of Nonreciprocity of Social Exchange, Four Centres Initiative, Dusseldorf

2004                                   Comparing the effects of work-life balance on health in Finland, UK and Japan, Research Methods Festival, Oxford

2004                                   Social Determinants of Health. Reykjavik.

2002                                   Revisiting the health selection hypothesis using structural equation models. Institute of Education, London


Knowledge Exchange events

2018                                   Chair: Areas of Research Interest workshop, Department for Work and Pensions, Manchester

2017                                   Speaker: Exploring the Potential of Biosocial Research for Social Policy, Department of Social Services, Canberra

2017                                   Speaker: Investing in Longitudinal Data, Research and Methods, Australia National University and Department of Social Services, Canberra

2017                                   Speaker: Is any job better than no job? Living wage week, Manchester.

2017                                   Speaker: Is any job better than no job? Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology

2015                                   Keynote: Stress at work- who gets it and what are the consequences? Café Scientifique, Manchester

2015                                   Speaker: Work, Family and Health, ICLS Policy seminar, London

2011                                   Speaker: The health effects of later life employment, 5050 NorthWest, Manchester

2010                                   Speaker: Psychosocial Working Conditions in the Whitehall II study. Expert committee on Psychosocial Risks at Work, Paris.

2010                                   Speaker: Education, education, education: A life course perspective. ICLS Policy seminar, London

2009                                   Speaker: Work, Stress and Health, Civil Service Live, London

2005                                   Speaker: Pathways Between Education and Health: a Causal Modelling Approach. Local Authorities Research Council Initiative (LARCI), London


Conference organisation

2017                                   Society for Social Medicine, Manchester (chair of local organisation committee)

2016                                   Royal Statistical Society, Manchester (member of local organisation committee)

2014                                   Radical Statistics, Manchester (chair of local organisation committee)

2014 onwards                      UCL-Manchester-Orebro-Helsinki PhD student exchange (co-chair)



Tarani was formerly at the UCL Research Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, and prior to that completed his DPhil in Sociology and post-doc at Nuffield College, University of Oxford. 

External positions

Honorary Professor, University College London (UCL)

1 Sep 201031 Aug 2019

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