Mr Suddhasatwa Guharoy

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My project could be seen as an attempt to provide an answer to what is generally understood, in and outside the academy, as the ‘crisis of trust’. I attribute the crisis onto the nature of relations that are obtained in commercial societies. The nature of social relations that are obtained in market societies, I argue, are ill-suited to engender high levels of trust. In a way, I see my thesis confirming what many have called the ‘self-destruction thesis of capitalism’, which claims that capitalist modernity erodes not only the values and traditions which it considers archaic and regressive but also those which it needs for its own survival. 


My research is generously funded by School of Social Sciences PhD Studentship. 
I am also a recepient of the University's Presidential Doctoral Scholar Award.

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2018 - Master of Arts, Philosophy, Jadavpur University
  • 2016 - Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, Jadavpur University

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