Dr Sarayute Chansai

Research Associate

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My current research focuses on supported metal catalysts for various fields of heterogeneous catalysis, for example catalytic reaction engineering for environmental protection, automotive emission control, clean and efficient renewable energy production, and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The research keywords and projects that I have currently been involved are as follows:


  • Heterogeneous and Automotive Catalysis
  • Catalytic Reduction of NO and NO2 Reaction
  • Diesel Oxidation Reaction
  • Heterogeneous Reaction Mechanism
  • Transient Kinetics and Operando Techniques
  • Catalyst Preparations and Characterizations
  • Selective Production of Butadiene
  • Selective Hydrogenation Reaction
  • Hydrogen Production
  • Non-Thermal Plasma Applications


I have practical skills and extensive experience with various fields of modern catalysis research such as:

  • building, developing, designing and modifying of catalytic reactor systems for different purposes
  • catalyst designs and preparations such as impregnation, sol-gel process, precipitation, co-precipitation and ball-milling method for both gas-phase and liquid-phase heterogeneous reactions 
  • both ex situ and in situ catalyst characterisation techniques such as TPR, TPD, TPO, TGA, BET, CO-Chemisorption, XRD, XPS, XAS, EXAFS, SEM, FTIR, UV-Vis and neutron scattering
  • transient kinetics, short time on stream and relevant mechanistic techniques used for autocatalysis such as DRIFTS-MS and SSITKA-DRIFTS-MS
  • problem solving, project and lab management
  • IT skills in Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc) as well as in the use of many scientific programmes (OPUS, Grams, Origin, ChemDraw, TotalChrom, etc) for data process and analysis


 Duties and Responsibilities

  • Research responsibilities
  • Maintaining the research laboratory and equipment
  • Supervising and assisting undergraduate and PhD students with their research projects
  • Writing and preparing scientific articles for publication, conferences, technical reports and presentations
  • Managing projects and solving problems
  • Arranging the meeting with the industrial partners for the update and progress

Areas of expertise

  • QD Chemistry - Catalysis, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Reaction Kinetics and Mechanism, Spectroscopy, Electromagnetic Radiation, Synchrotron Radiation,

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2009 - Doctor of Science, An Investigation of the Preparation and Properties of Ag Catalysts for NOx Reduction, Queen's University Belfast (2005 - 2009)
  • 2005 - Master of Science, Electronic and Adsorption Properties of Bimetallic Sub Nanoclusters PdxAly, Khon Kaen University (2002 - 2005)
  • 2002 - Bachelor of Science, Study of Electronic States of Aluminium Clusters, Khon Kaen University (1998 - 2002)

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