Dr Roger Shuttleworth


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Iwas a lecturer at VUM in the Electrical Energy Research group, and presently I am in the merged University in the Power Conversion Group. I have worked in the areas of power system modelling (using micro machines, power electronic analogue simulators and computers - the equipment I designed was made and exported throughout the world by a local company), power electronic drives, computer modelling of brushless exciters, vacuum switchgear (I designed the electronics and actuator for a GEC Alstom auto recloser), tap changers (I designed a hybrid tap changer for NGC which was patented, and its topology has been copied by others working in the area), textile instrumentation (commercialised by a local company), thermal energy to electrical energy conversion using thermo electric generators (commercialised by a Canadian company), piezo electric devices and Stirling Engines (3 patents). I presently work in the areas of thermal energy recovery ( I have a University funded grant in this area), energy harvesting (particularly vibration energy harvesting using cantilevers) and partial discharges with a Case award student supported by a local company. I am working on a novel circuit which can increase the output power of piezoelectric cantilever harvesters and also provide wide band operation. I have over70 papers andpatents.

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