Dr Richard A. Campbell

Senior Lecturer in Physical Pharmacy

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I am a scientist working at the boundary between physical chemistry and physical pharmacy.  Surface-sensitive experimental techniques including optical and neutron reflectometry are used in my research to probe mixed systems at fluid interfaces.  The underlying aim is to solve complex interactions mechanisms that are often dominated by non-equilibrium effects.  The dynamic interfacial behavior of soft matter system is of particular interest.  The new information advances the understanding of systems spanning synthetic polymer/surfactant mixtures to those involving drugs, nanoparticles, proteins, peptides and DNA.  Several of the scientific problems of interest to me are related to healthcare as well as issues of fundamental interest in colloid and interface science and those relevant to the performance of industrial formulations.  I am also actively involved in undergraduate teaching, am Director of the MSc Pharmaceutical Industry Advanced Training programme, and currently co-supervise 5 PhD students.  I have published more than 100 peer review articles, and recent media attention on one of my publications on foam films resulted in it achieving the 2nd highest Altmetrics score to date out of over 14,000 outputs in Chemical Communications.  Publications since 2020 include four outputs in Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (impact factor, IF 7.5) as well as one each in Nanoscale (IF 6.9), Chemical Science (IF 9.3), Advances in Colloid and Interface Science (IF 9.9) and Nanoscale Horizons (IF 9.9).

External positions

Honorary Professor, Eotvos Lorand Tudomanyegyetem

Soft Matter Beam Time Review Panel Member, Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH

Soft Matter Beam Time Review Panel Member, Institut Max von Laue-Paul Langevin

UK Neutron Scattering Group Treasurer, The Institute of Physics


  • Physical Pharmacy, Physical Chemistry, Interaction Mechanisms, Non-equilibrium Effects, Air/Water Interface, Neutron Reflectometry, Ellipsometry

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