Dr Rebecca Bowler

Research Fellow

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I am an Ernest Rutherford Fellow studying the formation and evolution of galaxies at Cosmic Dawn.

My research involves studying some of the early galaxies that formed within the first billion years in the life of the Universe.  I use observations in the optical and near-infrared to detect galaxies at high redshifts (z > 6.5).  In particular, by looking in large degree-scale ground-based surveys it is possible to constrain the number of rare bright galaxies.  To find out more take a look at this article I wrote for the RAS Astronomy & Geophysics magazine.

I am passionate and committed to making physics and science accessible to all.  Looking around the average Physics department in the UK there is still work to be done to increase diversity, and it is everybody's responsibility to work towards a more inclusive community.


Ernest Rutherford Fellow 2021-2022 Dept. of Physics, University of Oxford

Glasstone Research Fellow 2018-2021 Dept. of Physics, University of Oxford

Junior Research Fellow New College 2018-2021 University of Oxford

Hintze Research Fellow Dept. of Physics 2015-2018 University of Oxford

Nicholas Kurti Junior Research Fellow Brasenose College 2015-2018 University of Oxford

Postdoctoral Research Assistant 2014-2015 Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh

PhD Astronomy Institute of Astronomy, University of Edinburgh Supervised by Prof. James Dunlop and Dr. Ross McLure 2010-2014 
Title: The evolution of bright star-forming galaxies in the first billion years

MSci Natural Sciences: Experimental and Theoretical Physics 2006-2010 University of Cambridge

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