Dr Rathi Ravindrarajah

Research Associate

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At present I am as a Research Associate working as part of evaluating the NHS Type 2 Diabetes Prevention (DIPLOMA) programme. Previously I worked as a Research Associate at Kings College London in the Department of Primary Care and Public Health Sciences. I worked on a project funded by the Dunhill Medical Trust exploring the benefits and harms of cardiovascular risk management in the very old, using data from electronic health records. I completed my PhD in epidemiology from the University of Manchester. My thesis was on “Frailty and Obesity in ageing men”, as part of the European Male Ageing Study. Previously, I had worked at Wellcome Trust Sanger Research Institute, Cambridge, as part of the Wellcome Trust case control consortium team.

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2015 - Doctor of Medicine, Frailty and Obesity in Ageing Older European Men, The University of Manchester

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