Dr Rami Alfarra

Research Fellow

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Rami Alfarra is a scientist at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science and a Research Fellow at the University of Manchester. Rami completed a PhD degree in atmospheric science at University of Manchester in 2004, where he worked on a ground breaking analytical technique to measure the chemical composition and size distribution of atmospheric particulate matter in real time. As a post-doctoral scientist at the Laboraroy of Atmospheric Chemistry at Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland (2005-2008), Rami managed a field, chamber and controlled emission programme to characterise and quantify particulate matter throughout Switzerland. In 2009, Rami joined the UK National Centre for Atmospheric Science and has since then been managing and conducting research on chamber studies of the formation and transformation of secondary organic aerosols from man-made and natural sources. Rami received the 2008 Swiss Academy of Sciences Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Award.

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