Dr Rachel Winchcombe


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I am a cultural historian of early modern England and America. I completed my BA and MA at the University of Sheffield and my doctoral reasarch at the University of Manchester. My PhD research focused on early English encounters with the New World in the sixteenth century, analysing how English understandings of the new lands across the Atlantic impacted early English colonial decisions.


After completing my PhD in 2017 I was a Research Associate for the AHRC-funded project 'How We Used to Sleep'. This project, in conjunction with the National Trust's Little Moreton Hall, explored how perceptions and practices of sleep were transformed in the early modern period and how sleep’s cultural value, in times past and present, is intimately tied to sleep quality. 


I joined the Univeristy of Manchester in September 2017 as a Lecturer in Early Modern History. Alongside teaching modules about the cultural encounter between the Old World and the New, I am also currently developing a new research project, provisionally titled Emotional Eating in the Early American Colonies. This project explores the interplay between diet and emotional states in English accounts documenting dietary change in the American colonies.

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