Prof Robert Millward

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Robert Millward
B.Sc.(Econ.) 1st Class Honours, Hull 1961 (Departmental Prize in Economics)

Ph.D. Manchester 1966: The Relationship between Research and Development Activity and Output and Productivity in British Manufacturing Industry in the Post-War Period

CURRENT POST Professor Emeritus of Economic History, University of Manchester

2002/3 Leverhulme Research Fellow;1997-8 Nuffield Social Science Research Fellow
1989-present Professor of Economic History, University of Manchester
1975-89 Professor of Economics, University of Salford
1973-74 Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Manchester
1970-72 Economic Adviser, East African Community, Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa
1965-69 Lecturer in Economics, Department of Economics, University of Manchester

Further information

Recent and forthcoming research seminar presentations are listed below. For copies request by email.

1) The Growth of the Public Sector in Britain 1870-2010. Conference on the Economic History of Britain 1700-2010, University of Oxford, March 2012..

2) State enterprise in the West 1830-2000, Chinese State Enterprise Reform Group, Manchester, October 2010.

3) Public Enterprise in the Modern Western World: An Historical Analysis, University of Milan, European Economy Workshop,  June 2010. 

4) Ideology or geo-politics?: International differences in business-state relationships c 1830-1990", University of Glasgow, October 2009

5) "Geo-politics versus market structure interventions in Europe s infrastructure industries c. 1830-1939", International Economic History Conference, Utrecht, August 2009.

6) "The institutional economic history of infrastructure industries c1830-1990", Conference on Competition and Regulation of Network Industries, Brussels, November 2008.

7) "The Nature of State Enterprise in Britain c. 1900-64", Conference on the Economic History of State Enterprise in Italy and Britain , Rome, May 2008.

8) "Governments and their infrastructure industries: international differences c.1830-1990: ideology or geo-politics", London School of Economics, Economic History Seminar, January 2008.

 R.M. October 2011

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