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Effects of pore space evolution in porous media

Welding technology

Characterising and modelling second phase precipitates in nucler steels

I am a Research Associate in the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering (MACE) at the University of Manchester (UoM). I did my MSc and undergraduate study in the School of Hydraulic and Hydroelectric Engineering at Wuhan University, a top 5 university in China. During this period, my research is focused on the coupling of hydro-mechanical behaviour of underground rocks at the field scale. I graduated first place in my School and published four journal papers. After my MSc, the University of Manchester offered me the President’s Doctoral Scholar Award for my PhD study in 2012. Within my PhD, I proposed a novel methodology for studying effects of pore space evolution on transport in porous media. From my PhD work, I published seven journal papers. These are devised innovative methods to study the interaction and interplays between pore structure and fluids under different conditions. The predicted results are also fully validated against experimental data for the first time. These models can be applied to radioactive waste disposal, underground water transport and shale gas development. I was awarded the “Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad” in 2015 which only 20 of all Chinese postgraduates in UK are awarded every year. I currently, a staff member of the EdF-funded Modelling and Simulation Centre (MaSC) in MACE and an associate of the Research Centre for Radwaste and Disposal(RCRD) in the Faculty of Science and Engineering . I have also built extremely productive and on-going collaborations with key theoretical and experimental groups worldwide.

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