Dr Prashanth Nadukandi


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My current research is on particle-based explicit exponential integrators for the simulation of low viscosity incompressible flows and its efficient implementation in software. A salient feature of my work is that I employ analytical solutions to integrate the particle kinematics driven by approximate piecewise linear velocity and acceleration fields. The analytical solutions are expressed in terms of matrix functions—the numerically stable and efficient computation of which is a specific goal.

In the past I have proposed, among other works, novel Petrov–Galerkin FEM for the numerical simulation of the convection–diffusion–reaction equation and the Helmholtz equation.


b. India Sep 1982; B.Tech. IIT Guwahati, May 2005; Ph.D. UPC-BarcelonaTech, May 2011; Assistant Research Professor (on leave of absence) at CIMNE-Barcelona; Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow (Sep 2016 -- Aug 2018) at the School of Mathematics, University of Manchester, UK.

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