Dr Peter Quayle

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Peter Quayle, a native of Runcorn, was educated at Helsby Grammar School and gained an Open Scholarship to read chemistry at Imperial College, London. After graduating he remained at Imperial to carry out research in Tony Barrett's group on a project concerned with the use of "ynolates" in β-lactam synthesis. On completion of his PhD he was awarded an SERC-NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship to work in Barry Trost's group, then resident in Madison Wisconsin, where he developed various aspects of organopalladium chemistry. On returning to the UK he took up a post as Senior Research Chemist at Glaxo in the migraine team which discovered sumatriptan.' After two years at Glaxo he moved briefly to the University of Leeds and then, in 1986, to the University of Manchester. Varied lines of research have been investigated whilst at Manchester including the use of transition metal carbene complexes and organostannanes in synthesis, the synthesis of hydrophilic polymers, and the development of "clean oxidation" processes using hydrogen peroxide. Recent interests include the development of more efficient catalysts for atom transfer reactions and their use in natural product synthesis.


BSc, ARCS, PhD, DIC (London)

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