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My academic career straddles the disciplines of sociology and history. Following a History degree in the School of Social Sciences at Sussex University, I completed a PhD on the cultural construction of girlhood in Lancaster University’s Educational Research Department and then held a British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Centre for Women’s Studies. I joined Sociology at the University of Manchester in 1993.

My research centres on 2 inter-related fields: (i) Gender History with particular reference to Girlhood, Visual Culture, Consumption, Age and Ageing, Girls’ magazines; (ii) Biographical and Visual Methods, including Photographic methods.

I am a member of the British Sociological Association, the Women’s History Network, Gender & Education Association, and the Social History Society.


Further information

I am available to supervise PhDs on:

  • Gender, age and ageing, contemporary or historical
  • young people, youth cultures, youthful femininities, education (present/past)
  • consumption, especially historical
  • research topics that are explored using visual, especially photographic, methods
  • qualitative research involving biographical and historical perspectives
  • photographic practices present/past
  • research that addresses historical questions
  • girls and women historically

PhD Students:

  • R. Katz ‘Grinding their gears? Effects of tourists using Grindr on local and LGBT+ communities’. Awarded 2020.
  • N. Yodavich ‘Feminist paradigms in female fandom’. Awarded 2020.
  • W. Lai ‘The Japanese civilising process’. Awarded 2020.
  •  J. Yu ‘Chinese students in transnational Higher Education’. Awarded 2019.
  • L. Fenton ‘Women and Drinking in Post War and Contemporary Britain.’ Awarded 2018.
  • J. Bennett ‘Self Identity, Place and Community’. Awarded 2012.
  • A. West ‘The Role of Risk in Mediating the Identities and Practices of Rock Climbers.’ Awarded 2012.
  • D. Ilugbuhi ‘Adolescent sexuality and HIV/Aids in Nigeria.’ Awarded 2010.
  • A. Pechurina ‘Russian Communities in the UK.’ Awarded 2010.
  • L. Gibson ‘Popular music and the life course’. Awarded 2010.
  • S. Aguilar-Rodriguez ‘Cooking Modernity: Food, Gender, and Class in 1940s and 1950s Mexico.’ Awarded 2009.
  • J. Heynes ‘An exploration of girls’ perceptions of, and views on, the representation of women and gender in religious education.’ Awarded 2008.
  • J. van Hooff: ‘The experiences of different generations in heterosexual relationships.’ Awarded 2006.
  • S. Khamis ‘Egyptian women and television’s “public awareness” programmes.’ Awarded 2000

Current teaching:

  • Visualizing Society and Social Life – PGT module.
  • Research Design – PGT module

Additional information:

Media availability – girls, young people 1900-70

Media experience: Radio 4 Today programme (6/3/12); BBC 4 ‘Timeshift' (4/1/12); BBC Radio 2, ‘Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that Cigarette’ (19/6/07); BBC North West Tonight (29/6/07); Radio 4 Woman’s Hour (21/11/2000, 27/10/06); BBC Radio 5 Live (1/7/05). I've written features on girls’ magazines (Independent on Sunday Life magazine, pp.1-2. 19/1/03) and on the PhD examination (THES 21/5/04, 19/3/04, 21/10/05).

Media contact:

Or contact Media Relations Officer:, 0161 275 8155 / 07823 537670


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