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Patrick Gaydecki (FIET, FInstP, SMIEEE, CPhys, CEng) is Professor of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. With his team, he develops systems and software in the fields of audio-based digital signal processing, imaging, insect tracking, ultrasonic and eddy current nondestructive testing, biomedical instrumentation, wearable technology and wireless instrumentation. He has authored a book on DSP and has published over 200 journal and conference papers. His research has been funded by EPSRC, the DTI, the BHA, ESRC, MIMIT, TWI, The HA, and many industrial sponsors. He is the inventor and co-founder of Signal Wizard Systems Ltd, commercial real-time DSP products for signal enhancement, which have been purchased by many international organizations including The US Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), US Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Pure Technologies Canada, Defence Research and Development, Canada, Disney, US Government agencies, University of Cambridge and others. The biomedical signal processing work has been conducted in collaboration with the Manchester Heart Centre (MHC) at the Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI), Hope Hospital neonatal unit, the University’s own Centre for Rehabilitation Science, the Department of Physiotherapy at the MRI and the Newborn Intensive Care Unit, St Mary's Hospital, Manchester.


BSc (DeMontfort), PhD (Cranfield)

Areas of expertise

Areas of expertise

Education / academic qualifications

  • 1984 - Doctor of Philosophy, A Quantification of the Behavioural Dynamics of Certain Lepidoptera in Response to Light, Cranfield University
  • 1980 - Bachelor of Science, Combined, Computer Science and Biology, De Montfort University

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