Mr Patricio Cleary

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My research focuses on the challenges posed by desertification and climate change to the Chilean fruit export business and the proposed solutions that involve large investments in Water Transfer Mega Projects.

My work's underlying goal is to explore the capitalism-nature nexus and the processes through which biophysical natures (human and non-human) come to be understood as commodities to be circulated and exchanged despite of and thanks to their material limits. That is to say, I am interested in how nature is commodified as well as how the environment shapes the economic character of Chilean agro-capitalism.

Research Interest:

  • Political Ecology
  • Financialization of Agriculture
  • Environmental History
  • Rural-Urban Relationships
  • Critical Theory

This research is being funded by Becas Chile from the Chilean state agency ANID (Agencia Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo).

Further information

This research is under the supervision of Prof Eric Swyngedouw and Prof Noel Castree.

I am a member of the Society and Environment Research Group at the University of Manchester

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