Dr Owen Price BSc, MSc, RMN

Lecturer in Nursing

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I am a registered mental health nurse and lecturer at the University of Manchester.  My clinical background is in forensic mental health inpatient services and I continue to work clinically on an honorary basis at Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. I have led or co-applied on several funded projects developing, implementing and evaluating complex interventions to reduce staff-patient conflict and rates of restrictive practices in mental health settings. In 2012 I was awarded and have subsequently completed a National Institute of Health Research Doctoral Research Fellowship to develop a de-escalation techniques training intervention. The fellowship resulted in several key publications in this area. I am a named co-applicant and led the design and delivery of de-escalation techniques training on a Health Foundation-funded project (CTG10) that successfully reduced use of physical restraint by 40% across eight NHS Mental Health Trusts. I am an invited panel member on the Royal College of Policing: Safer resolution - supporting police officers and staff to manage conflict without force guideline committee. 

In 2015, I successfully co-applied for a research grant funded by Hamad Medical Corporation's Health Services Research Centre Investigator-Inititiated Grant Scheme (HSRIIG) to develop a peer support intervention to improve the mental health of low income migrant workers in Qatar.  

I have established a consistent track-record of high quality patient and public involvement in research, including the co-design and delivery of an award-winning service user and carer research methods course, cited as best practice by NICE and recognised by the MHRN as 'exemplary carer involvement.' Service users and carers also had leading roles in research design, data analysis and dissemination of outputs derived from my doctoral research fellowship. 

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