Dr Oliver Gray

Honorary Research Associate

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My research is principally interested in developing our understanding how the human brain performs complex cognitive processes.

I am currently working on a number of projects that are attempting answer fundamental questions in memory and attention research.

1) How do specific and distinct specialisations in each hemisphere of the human brain bias attention and behaviourally important decisions?

2) How does the brain judge similarity and use these judgements to help memory in the medial temporal lobe?

3) Can subtle but reliable differences in task strategies and behavioural performance on memory and attention challenges distinguish between healthy and pathological ageing?

My research has demanded experience with a wide range of methods, these include:
Behavioural Paradigms in both Humans and Rodents
Neuropsychological Assessments in Older Adults
Electrophysiological Recordings in Rodents

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  • Memory, Attention, Cognition, Similarity, MTL, Parietal Cortex, Ageing, Resource Development

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