Dr Nicola Overton PhD

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Nicola is a post doc in the Manchester Fungal Infection Group (MFIG) at The University of Manchester. This group falls within the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health. The group was based at The University Hospital of South Manchester (Wythenshawe) for many years, but has moved in 2014 to the Core Technology Facility nearer the main University campus.

Nicola's PhD and current research investigate genetic susceptibility to aspergillosis and she works closely with the National Aspergillosis Centre at Wythenshawe hospital as well as with colleagues in MFIG. Nicola's research involves studying host-pathogen interactions of human immune cells and Aspergillus as well as completing genetic association studies, including resequencing and exome sequencing studies, using patients and controls to investigate the causes of human susceptibility to aspergillosis. She has presented posters on this work at various conferences, including ISHAM, EAACI, ECCMID and AAA, and has also published these results in peer reviewed journals.

Before beginning her current position at The University of Manchester, Nicola completed a degree in Genetics at The University of Liverpool. This included a year in industry. After this, she completed a PhD at The University of Manchester. 

MFIG website: http://research.bmh.manchester.ac.uk/mfig



PhD in Genetic Factors Underlying Susceptibility to Fungal Lung Disease - The University of Manchester

BSc (Hons) in Applied Genetics - The University of Liverpool

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