Dr Nicholas Filer


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I'm a generalist rather than a one topic expert. My Bachelors was in Computer Science at the University of London in Queen Mary College. Aside from lots of computer science I took modules from a few other departments but mainly electrical engineering. It was the late 1970's and there was lots of interest in designing chips and electronic systems to support them.

I moved to the University of Manchester in 1981 doing research initially in signal routing for chips and printed circuit boards and then looking at how techniques from Artificial Intelligence could help electronic systems designers.

My current research includes:

Deeper domain knowledge required the information used by design systems to be available not just the data. Information has semantics whereas in general data only has syntax. We spent several years researching model driven software architectures and information modelling languages. Using software, models can be transformed into new models for example, suited for implementation. We can generate efficient implementations from models and handle their evolution cleanly.

The simulation of and study of wireless networks for pervasive mobile computing and sensor networks. This interest continues today.

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