Dr Neil Roberts PhD

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I am a Kidney Research UK funded Research Fellow investigating the congenital disease Urofacial Syndrome, and the role of HPSE2 and LRIG2 in development and disease.


I studied for my undergraduate degree at The University of Edinburgh, which I completed in 2005, then moved to The University of Leeds to study for an MSc in Human Genetic. For my PhD at The University of Manchester I investigated the genetic basis of human pancreas development, focusing on the role of the transcription factor SOX9 in the specification of insulin producing cells. As a postdocoral researcher I continued to study genes that cause rare diseases when mutated. I am currently working on Urofacial Syndrome, an autosomal recessive disease that affects bladder function and facial expression.


BSc in Genetics from the University of Edinburgh

MSc in Human Genetics from the University of Leeds

PhD from the University of Manchester.

Biology, Medicine and Health (BMH) Domains

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2011 - Doctor of Philosophy, The role of SOX9 in human pancreas development, The University of Manchester

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