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Ascriptives: A Semantic and Pragmatic Analysis of the Covert Propositional Attitudes


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Philosophy of logics, philosophy of language, formal semantics

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Philosophy of mind, the philosophy of W.V. Quine

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In 2014-15 I'm the organizer for two reading groups:

  1. The Phi-Ling Reading Group. Bringing together both philosophers and linguists, this group is interested in linguistic issues within both semantics and pragmatics.&nbsp Past topics have included: propositional attitude reports, evidentiality, indexicals, expressives, and attitudes de se.
  2. The David Lewis Reading Group. This group is interested in the systematic philosophical work of David Lewis, encompassing his broad interests across language, metaphysics, philosophy of science and beyond.

For information about either of these groups, including current readings and meeting times, please email me.

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