Dr Mirjam RöderPhD

Research Fellow

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Mirjam Röder is a Research Fellow at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at The University of Manchester. Currently she conducts research on projects funded through the SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub and works with academic and industrial partners across the UK, Europe and globally. Her research interests focus on climate change impacts, bioenergy and related sustainability aspects, bioenergy in the context of global challenges and development, temporality of GHG emissions and carbon balances of forest bioenergy systems, and implications of land use for different corps and purposes.

By training Mirjam Röder is an agricultural scientists with a focus on SSA countries, rural development and gender studies. She has many years’ experience in bioenergy research, environmental assessment, climate change and socio-economic assessment, with a strong quantitative and qualitative methodological background, incorporating whole systems analysis, life cycle assessment, emission accounting, environmental and sustainability assessment, stakeholder engagement, interviews and focus groups.

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