Prof Michael Bromley


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Mike Bromley is a Lecturer in Drug Discovery at the Manchester Fungal Infection Group. He works on the mechanistic basis of fungal pathogenicity with the translational emphasis of developing novel antifungal agents. Whilst working for F2G Ltd, a UoM spin-out company, Mike made a major contribution to the identification of potential drug targets in A. fumigatus and to advancing these discoveries through target validation to drug development. His research team discovered and exploited mobilisable genetic elements in A. fumigatus which facilitated discovery of numerous essential genes. Several gene products have subsequently been validated as novel drug target candidates against which Mike and collaborators at F2G Ltd have developed high-throughput inhibitor screens, revealing novel, inhibitors. Mike's team has also developed high-throughput gene replacement strategies for A. fumigatus and chemical genetic screens to identify the mechanism of action of antifungal agents. He worked as a key member of the research team that identified the novel mechanism of action of phase 1 antifungal compound FG-3622 (F2G Ltd) and is the co-ordinator of a €6.1M FP7 collaborative research program (NOFUN) taking novel antifungal compounds from hits to clinical trials . 

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