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Dr Vonci studied at the University of Florence where he obtained his Laurea in Chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Roberta Sessoli and Prof. Andrea Caneschi with a thesis – largely carried out in the laboratory of Prof. Richard Winpenny at the University of Manchester – on the synthesis and theoretical modelling of the magnetic properties of polynuclear nickel(II) and cobalt(II) complexes. In 2013 he started a PhD with Assoc. Prof. Colette Boskovic the University of Melbourne on the spectroscopic and theoretical investigation of the electronic properties of lanthanide-polyoxometalate single molecule magnets, using in particular inelastic neutron scattering and ab-initio CASSCF approaches. At the moment his research, in collaboration with Prof. Eric McInnes, is focused on the comprehensive characterisation (EPR, magnetometry) and description of the electronic structure of families of lanthanide complexes that do not follow Bleaney's pseudo-contact NMR shift theory, attempting to identify the origin of these discrepancies.

Areas of expertise

  • QD Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry, lanthanides, Electronic structure

Education / academic qualifications

  • Master of Chemistry University of Florence
  • Doctor of Philosophy University of Melbourne

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