Dr Michaela Hubmann

Research Associate

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Michaela is a Medical Anthropologist and holds a PhD in African Studies obtained at the University of Edinburgh and an MSc in Medical Anthropology and Sociology from the University of Amsterdam. Her research interests focus on health system research and the Anthropology of Global Public Health. Her PhD investigated the post-Ebola health system strengthening efforts in Sierra Leone, focusing on district health system managers and frontline healthcare workers. In her previous work, she was involved in the development, testing and uptake of a new COVID-19 app that aimed to simulate different scenarios where Jamaicans might encounter risks of infections.

Areas of expertise

Sustainable Development Goals

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2020 - Doctor of Philosophy, After Ebola in Sierra Leone: The Politics of Neglect and The Social Life of Projectified Post-Epidemic Recovery, University of Edinburgh (2015 - 2021)

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