Dr Michael Wigelsworth

Senior Lecturer in Psychology of Education

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 I am a senior lecturer within the Manchester Institute of Education.  I arrived at the University in 2007 where I completed an M.Ed in Psychology of Education and subsequent PhD Education in 2010. I was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2015.

I am currently the programme director for the BSc Educational Psychology.  I also currently hold an external appointment as a topic expert in Social & Emotional wellbeing for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.


Research Interests

My work explores the feasibility and impact of early intervention and prevention approaches in child mental health, with a particular focus on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in the context of primary education and schooling.  Of particular interest is the design and implementation of programmatic curricula, including;

 - Evaluation of school-based interventions designed to address child mental health and wellbeing.

 - The identification and assessment of core components of intervention, both in respect to psychological or 'practice' elements and to the associated pedagogical approaches.

 - Factors affecting the success of interventions including individual differences, school based factors and the wider ecology (e.g. cultural transferability). 


 I have led a number of projects, including:

Programmes to Practices: Identifying effective, evidence-based social and emotional learning strategies for teachers and schools

SPECTRUM Review: The Development of Guidance and database of over 300 social, personal, emotional and character-based measures

The FRIENDS Programme: The world's largest evaluation of an intervention designed to address and prevention anxiety and depression.


Professional advisory, consultancy and other work 

I have provided consultancy and guidance for a number of organisations including:

 - National Institute of Clinical Excellence

 - Department of Education

 - Cross-parliamentary briefings (POST)

 - Early Intervention Foundation

 - Manchester City Council

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