Miss Melody Zhang

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I'm a PhD candidate at the School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester. 


My academic interests focus on international cultural studies. Before I joined UoM, I did my masters research on the postcolonial representation of touristic guidebooks (Lonely Planet) at the University of Leeds. Currently, I'm working on the consequences of the expansion of cultural industries upon the left-behind children in China under the supervision of Prof Andrew Miles and Dr Wendy Bottero.


My research explores the relation of cultural capital and social stratification, as well as the role of parenting (and/or family background) in the cultural engagement of left-behind children. Thus, my research discusses the topics across cultural sociology and education. Apart from my focuses, I'm also interested in topics about social movement, social inequality, social mobility, and postcolonialism studies. 


I came from an ethnic minority community, as my identity is Bai-Chinese, I am also interested in the representation of ethnic minorities on the screen concerning Orientalism and Racism.  

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Areas of expertise

  • HM Sociology - Cultural Studies, Cultural stratification, Cultural Industry, Social Media, Social Movements

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2020 - Master of Arts, Society Culture and Media, University of Leeds
  • 2019 - Bachelor of Arts, Journalism (2015 - 2019)