Dr Maria Perez-Page

Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

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Maria joined as Lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Manchester in May 2020. Her research is focused on the design and development of high selective membrane for the application on different electrochemical energy devices such as fuel cells, redox flow batteries and electrolysers. She is focusing on different polymer materials to synthesized functionalised-GO composite membranes to less prone the crossover of key species, but at the same time allowing ion conductivity. Additionally, she develops catalyst to enhance the performance of the reactions involved in fuel cells and electrolysers using 2D materials. Her ultimate aim is to develop strong and versatile understanding than can be applied for the development of ion-exchange membranes and catalyst for a wide range of electrochemical applications. 


She obtained the BEng degree in Chemical Engineering, MSc degree and PhD in Chemical Engineering (Cum Laude) from The Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Spain). In 2013, she was awarded with a Transatlantic Partnership for Excellence in Engineering Fellowship (TEE) funded by the European Union. This Fellowship allowed her to move to the University of California, Davis (USA) and work as Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Material Science under the supervision of Porf. Pierter Stroeve. During this time she was working in nanoporous materials for efficient capture of fission product gases for nuclear Industry. In 2016, she moved to the University of Manchester where she started to work as Research Associate in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science under the supervision of Prof. Stuart Holmes. Here, she has been working on different projects, most of them related to the application of 2D materials to improve the efficiency of fuel cells. 

Areas of expertise

  • TP Chemical technology - Electrochemistry, Electrochemical Energy Devices, Fuel cells, Redox flow batteries, Electrolisers, Ion-exchange membranes, 2D materials, Graphene based materials, Catalyst

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