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Dr Long Zhang is a Senior Lecturer within the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Manchester. His research mainly focuses on data-driven intelligence and control (machine and statistical learning, neural networks, system identification, frequency analysis, condition monitoring, intelligent control, instrumentation) and their practical applications in smart renewable energy, robotics and transportation. One of his particular interest lies in the wind turbine condition monitoring and fault diagnosis. He is the founding director of the first industrial-scale wind turbine pitch bearing and blade laboratory at the University of Manchester. He is also the director of MSc course in Advanced Control and System Engineering.

His research has been widely supported EPSRC, EPSRC IAA, Innovate UK, and industrial partners. He has received over £2.5m research funding as principal investigator or co-investigator. 

His research group is growing (strong collaborating across different departments). He is supervising/supervised 12 PhD students (8 as main supervisors, 1 was awarded doctoral degree in 2021), 3 PDRAs (one more will start in middle 2022), and 2 visiting PhD students.

Email: long.zhang@manchester.ac.uk

Tel: 01613062045

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