Dr Lisa Brunton

Research Associate

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Lisa currently works as a Research Associate on the implementation theme of the HED-LINE study (an NIHR funded evaluation of a national roll out of the NHS 'Healthy Living' Diabetes Programme).   Lisa has experience and expertise in a range of qualitative methods (such as in-depth interviews, longitudinal interview studies, focus groups, non-participant observation and conducting meta-synetheses). She has a background in adult nursing and worked in a number of roles, including A&E and practice nursing before moving into research.  

Lisa has a keen interest in working with patients and health professionals to improve care and currently facilitates the patient and public involvement group for the DIPLOMA study (evaluation of the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme). 

For her PhD, Lisa investigated the use of telehealth in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease within a UK healthcare setting, to understand the barriers to using telehealth in routine care from a 'user' perspective.  Lisa has a strong research interest in how digital technologies are perceived by policy makers, patients and health professionals and how that translates into the use and implementation of such technologies in healthcare.  


PhD Medicine (Primary Care)

MSc Advanced Nursing Studies

BSc (Hons) Community Health Care Nursing

DipHe Nursing (Adult)

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