Ms Lekha Shah


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I received my Masters in Biological sciences from Indian Institute of Science education and research, Bhopal, India while my dissertation focussed on trafficking of proteases and implication in cancer metastasis. 

I moved to the University of Manchester to join Dr. Annalisa Tirella's group funded by President's doctoral scholarship for my PhD. I work within a multi-disciplinary team of biologists, material scientists, and bioengineers and am currently interested in developing 3D in vitro models to assess effects of physical properties and tissue mechanics (e.g. matrix stiffness, interstitial flow and shear stresses, pH, oxygen content) on metastatic breast cancer progression

Social responsibility

I have been part of various public engagement events organised by the University of Manchester. Along with contributions from other students and supervisors we organised an activity to demonstrate 'Tumour targetting' in Science spectacular 2017 and British Science week 2019.

I have been certified 'Carbon literate' through carbon literacy program by the University of Manchester. To further my aims as a carbon literate member, I have been involved as a part of Green Impact team in Community festival 2019 wherein I organised an activity for making 'Bioplastics' from biopolymers to encourage use of plastic alternatives.

Along with my supervisor Dr. Annalisa, we have participated and achieved gold stanadrd in Laboratory Efficient Assesment framework 2019 (LEAF) to encourage lab sustainability. It involved practises to increase recycling of lab waste and decrease energy consumption where possible. 


Memberships of committees and professional bodies

Biochemical society, UK

Research Networks and Beacons

Biology, Medicine and Health (BMH) Domains


  • 3D in vitro models, cancer sciences, microfluidics, Fluorescence Microscopy

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2016 - Master of Biological Science Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal

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