Dr Kieron South

Research Fellow

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My fellowship focuses on the role that peripheral infection plays in stroke pathophysiology, specifically stroke in young adults.

Using mouse models of acute respiratory infection and ischaemic stroke, combined with pre-clinical MR imaging, I am investigating pre-stroke changes to cerebral bloodflow and inflammtory processes in the brain in response to localised infection in the lungs.

In other projects I am developing a novel thrombolytic for the treatment of ischaemic stroke and identifying new therapeutic targets to resolve thrombo-inflammation during stroke.


Kieron completed his PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Essex, investigating the molecular basis of rhodopsin activation during visual transduction.

He then changed fields, joining the haemostasis and thrombosis research group at Imperial College London under Prof. David Lane's mentorship.

To pursue his interest in stroke research he went on to join Prof. Stuart Allan's group at the University of Manchester where he was recently awarded a Medical Research Foundation mid-career Fellowship.


2012 - PhD in Biochemistry, University of Essex

2007 - BSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, University of Essex

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