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Kate Cooper is Professor of Ancient History in the University of Manchester.

Her work explores the world of the Mediterranean in the Roman period, with a special interest in daily life and the family, religion and gender, social identity, and the fall of the Roman Empire.

Through her blog, kateantiquity, and frequently contributions to print, web, and broadcast media, she is an active advocate for ancient history in the public sphere in both the UK and US. (Details of her media work can be found at and on Twitter: @kateantiquity)

She has won numerous awards and prizes, including a Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship (The Early Christian Martyr Acts: A New Approach to Ancient Heroes of Resistance, 2012-15), and an RCUK Global Uncertainties Fellowship (Constantine's Dream: Belonging, Deviance, and the Problem of Violence in Early Christianity, 2009-12)

Her books include Band of Angels: The Forgotten World of Early Christian Women, published by Atlantic Press (UK) and Overlook Press (US) along with The Virgin and the Bride (Harvard) and The Fall of the Roman Houshehold (Cambridge).

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