Dr Judith Gellatly PhD, MSc, BSc(Hons)

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Judith has been an active researcher in the School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Work at The University of Manchester for eleven years and in 2011 completed an NIHR funded PhD entitled ‘Decision-making in stepped care for common mental health problems’. She has contributed to research within mental health and long term health conditions.  Her current research interests focus on primary care mental health and include brief psychological interventions for common mental health problems, decision-making in mental health and psychological theories of health behaviour. Currently Judith is managing a large multi-centre trial exploring the effectiveness and acceptability of two low intensity psychological interventions (computerised cognitive behaviour therapy (cCBT) and guided self-help (GSH)) for OCD. She is the deputy chair of one of the University research ethics committees.

Social responsibility

Judith has developed long-standing relationships with Anxiety UK and Self-Help Services, mental health charities based in Manchester. Links have additionally been established with OCD-UK, a leading independent national OCD charity.

She has collaborated with these organisations and had the opportunity to lead a number of research studies focusing on the evaluation of service delivery models and technologies within the field of primary care mental health. These have included:

  • 2013 – present: SelfHelp Services, Manchester (Gellatly, Lidbetter, Lyos & Lovell) - The Sanctuary: A proposal to develop a 365 days per year, night-time crisis intervention service for those living with primary care mental health difficulties, resident and/or registered with a GP in Manchester.
  • 2014 - present: SelfHelp Services, Manchester (Gellatly, Cavanagh, Lidbetter, Chisnall) - Evaluation of the At Home eTherapy, a remote psychological intervention for people experiencing low mood and/or anxiety.
  • 2014 - present: SelfHelp Services, Manchester (Gellatly, Archer, Lyons, Lidbetter) - Evaluation of the Peer to Peer project, a service which aims to bring lasting improvements to the mental wellbeing and coping skills of people with common mental health issues in Manchester using a peer support approach


PhD, MSc, BSc(Hons)

Memberships of committees and professional bodies

  • Mental Health Research Network
  • Institute of Health Sciences (IHS) Primary Care Mental Health Group
  • IHS Psychological Therapies Network
  • Anxiety UK

Biology, Medicine and Health (BMH) Domains

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