Dr Jorge Amich Elias

Honorary Lecturer (Teaching & Research)

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I am an internationally recognized expert in Aspergillus fumigatus metabolism, virulence traits and antifungal targets. My previous research shed light on the regulation of zinc homeostasis and the acquisition of this essential micronutrient from mammalian tissues. More recent projects are focused on understanding fungal sulfur metabolism and exploting it to fight infection. We were the first to report the relevance of a correct regulation of sulfur metabolism for pathogenicity and the connection of sulfur metabolism with iron homeostasis. We have characterised various potential antifungal targets and are currently pursuing the development of drugs against a promising candidate: methionine synthase. We have also described the relevance of the post-translational modification persulfidation for fungal virulence and host antifungal defence. More recently we have started to investigate the A. fumigatusPseudomonas aeruginosa interaction in the context of co-infection, were we have already described a synergistic effect that enhances mortality in vivo.


  • Fungal virulence, Antifungal targets, Fungal metabolism, Aspergillus sulphur metabolism

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