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Jonathan is a research associate studying aerosol-cloud interactions at the Centre for Atmospheric Science. In 2013, he completed his PhD investigating the effects of size and mixing state on the optical properties of black carbon. This work included a characterisation and sensitivity analysis of the technique used to resolve mixing state using the single-particle soot photometer, as well as an investigation of the differences between the physical and optical properties of diesel soot measured in California and biomass burning smoke measured over eastern Canada.

Jonathan is now investigating the role of aerosols on cloud formation and development. He has published world-leading research articles on the processes of cloud glaciation in storms over the southwest peninsula of the UK, and the effect of marine aerosols and urban pollution on the properties of these clouds. Recently, he has conducted field projects in Cape Verde, southern West Africa, and the south Atlantic Ocean, characterising aerosols and clouds in these less-studied regions, and considering the effects of pollution and Saharan dust plumes on stratocumulus and convective clouds.

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