Dr John Pernet-Fisher

Research Fellow

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Research Interests:

I am actively involved with terrestrial and extra-terrestrial projects within the field of igneous geochemistry and petrology. My research interests to date have focused on the chemical evolution of differentiated bodies within the solar system, predominantly on the Earth, Moon, and Mars.  In particular, I am interested in how the chemistry of volcanic rocks can provide valuable insights into the geochemical evolution of planetary mantles.


Education and Research:

2015-present: University of Manchester - Postdoctoral Research Associate: 

‘Understanding metamorphism in the Moon’s ancient crust’

‘Lunar crustal Formation: Deciphering the evolution of the Lunar Magma Ocean’

 Sponsor: K.H. Joy 


2013-2015: University of Tennessee -  Postdoctoral Research Associate:

‘Geochemical and petrological effects of mantle plume metasomatism of the Siberian lithospheric mantle.’

Sponsor: L.A. Taylor


2008-2012: Royal Holloway, University of London PhD – Geochemistry: 

‘Petrochemistry of the Northern Rift Zone, NE Iceland’ 

Supervisor: M.F. Thirlwall


2005-2008: Royal Holloway, University of London 

Bachelor of Science: Geology with Science Communication.


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